Thank you for your interest in purchasing credits from me! My credit purchasing service is unique in that YOU pick the price you pay from three choices. This gives people a chance to support me as a developer or to obtain a cheap rate on credits!

At the moment, I am overstocked on credits, but eventually I will only sell so many credits per day, if any at all. I have a lot of stuff that I have to doand I don't always have time to maintain a credit service, so pleave remember that I will be open upon MY DISCRETION. That means when I'm available to watch over the service. These are my ccredits and I'll sell them when I want. ^____^

Please Note!! At this time, I am only accepting payment from verified PayPal accounts. NO exceptions, so don't ask! FRAUD is unacceptable and you will be reported to the proper authorities as well as IMVU and you account will be promptly disabled.